RNA-Seq portfolio

RNA-Seq type Details Price Deliverable Reference Code
Whole transcriptome sequencing mRNA-Seq by Poly(A) capture $ 299      374 20 - 30M reads, 75bp WTRA
Whole transcriptome sequencing mRNA-Seq by ribo-depletion $ 399       499 20 - 30M reads, 75bp WTRR
Expression Profiling Sequencing 3’ end sequencing $ 200       250 10M reads, 75bp EPS3
Full-length RNA-Seq (Iso-Seq) Iso-Seq (PacBio Sequel SMRT) $ 2,400       3,000 5Gb long reads ISOQ
Small RNA-Seq (SMRQ) TruSeq (illumina) $ 349       450 10 - 20M reads SMRQ

* Minimum number of sample requirement may apply.
**Promotional price lasts until May 2017
*** Price includes library preparation, sequencing, and raw data delivery, not data analysis.

Whole Transcriptome Sequencing

Whole transcriptome sequencing is a major advance in the study of gene expression compared to traditional microarray-based approaches in that it provides a comprehensive view of a cellular transcriptional profile at a given biological moment enabling not only qualitative but also quantitative analysis of the transcriptome. It also provides information about diverse variations occurring at RNA level of post-transcriptional modifications such as splice variants and isoforms.

Expression Profiling Sequencing

Taken apart the quantitative aspect of whole transcriptome sequencing, expression profiling sequencing gives most comprehensive insight about the transcription level of individual mRNAs which is then further related to the expression level of proteins. It is a very cost-effective way of understanding the transcriptions in that it only sequences a small part of mRNA (normally 3’ end with poly (A) tail) and counts the number of sequences. It provides virtually unlimited dynamic range for highly abundant transcripts as well as not missing rare transcripts.

Isoform Sequencing

Empowered by the unique advantage of long reads from PacBio systems, isoform sequencing (Iso-Seq) reveals the splice variants of the transcripts providing the most comprehensive landscape of a transcriptome. The splicing junction of mRNA can be pin-pointed and this can be aligned back to the genome data to show what kind of splice variants are produced, further giving insights about the relation between splicing and a certain phenotype or diseases.

Small RNA Sequencing

Small, non-coding RNA, or MicroRNAs are a short, 18-22 bp nucleotides which is known to play a critical role in the gene regulation and expression.

Flowcell rental

DNA Link provides diverse options of flowcell / lane rental as well for the researchers who have their own sequencing library. Any libraries, for example, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq, and so on can be run in our sequencers to ensure the least cost and fast turnaround time for the researchers.

Platform Run mode (high-throughput mode) Price Deliverable Product Code
illumina HiSeq4000 50SR, per lane $ 1,850    2,300 single reads from approx. 300M clusters HSF50SR
illumina HiSeq2500 100SR, per lane $ 2,450    2,980 single reads from approx. 225M clusters HST100SR
100PE, per lane $ 2,950    3,700 paired reads from approx. 225M clusters HST100PE
illumina NextSeq500 75SR, per flowcell $ 2,450    2,980 single reads from approx. 400M clusters NSF75SR
75PE, per flowcell $ 4,750    5,980 paired reads from approx. 400M clusters NSF75PE
150PE, per flowcell $ 7,750    9,500 paired reads from approx. 400M clusters NSF150PE
Pacific Biosciences Sequel 1 SMRT cell $ 1,950 4-6Gb of long reads SQSMRT
Pacific Biosciences RSII 1 SMRT cell $ 750 0.8Gb of long reads RSSMRT

About DNA Link

DNA Link Sequencing Lab is a sequencing service provider which has been working in the industry for more than a decade. It has official accreditation from illumina, PacBio, Thermo fisher and Affymetrix, as well as ISO9001:2015 certification. With its specialty in long-read single molecule sequencing as well as RNA-Seq and diverse applications, it is providing genetic services to thousands of researchers in the world.

Our fleet of sequencers include both second and third generation platforms including HiSeq and NextSeq from illumina , Sequel and RSII from Pacific Biosciences, and ion torrent and S5 from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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