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Date : 14-07-29 09:52
Unidentified remains of Jeju Uprising goes back to their families in 60 years.
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DNA Link, Inc. (CEO Jong Eun Lee) has partnered with Dr. Soong Deok Lee of Seoul National University Forensic Lab in confirming 13 unidentified remains of Jeju Uprising by using human identification microarray, called AccuID?.

Because the remains were buried in their natural states for over 60 years, the conditions of their DNA were severely degraded. So the widely used STR results provided only limited information usually no more than a second degree of relationship without a clear confirmation on the genetic relationship. However, the novel technology of AccuID has allowed to overcome the limitations of STR method in ssuccessfuly confirming personal identification and familial relationships even in degraded DNA.

When a remain is exposed to the environment for a long period of time, its DNA is finely fragmented into many pieces, which makes it very difficult even for the STR method to  make a clear identification. However, SNP marker shows its strength when typing small fragments, even to the point of identifying beyond a second degree of relationship, such as sibling and uncle whereas the existing technologies are only capable of identifying immediate families like parent-child relation. DNA Links own AccuID has become the worlds first SNP based DNA chip to be successfully applied to the field of forensics. Meanwhile, this recent finding has given the families who have lost and could not identify their parents, brothers, and children a hope of relief.

Furthermore, AccuID can encompass additional contents (markers), such as paternity/maternity, and phenotypes (eye color, hair color, skin color, etc.) to expand its application in human identification. In a few years, AccuID will reach areas beyond remains identification into forensic investigation and DNA database construction.

Besides the domestic market, DNA Link is collaborating with Affymetrix for global marketing, including North America, Europe, and especially the Middle East. The company is in the process of collecting evidential materials in order to be chosen for DNA database constuction projects. Once chosen, long-term benefits are expected due to the nature of databaes constructino business that lasts for decades.