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Transcriptome Sequencing


NGS data를 이용한 전사체 분석은 유전자 간의 발현 차이 뿐만 아니라 Novel transcriptome 및 isoform의 발견, fusion gene등의 정보를 확인 할 수 있습니다. PacBio System을 이용한 Isoform sequencing은 Short reads 분석에서 필요한 assembly 과정 없이 5’말단에서 3’말단을 포함 하는 full-length transcripts sequencing이 되므로 다양한 isoform 분석이 가능합니다.



Sample requirements
  • mRNA-seq(Total RNA 0.5~1µg)
  • Low input total RNA seq(Total RNA 1~10ng)
  • Total RNA seq(Total RNA 0.5~1µg)
Turnaround time
About 4 weeks

PacBio (isoform sequencing)

Sample requirements
  • 3ug total RNA
Turnaround time
About 4 weeks


Total RNA/mRNA


PacBio IsoSeq


Data Report

  1. DEG (Differential Expressed Gene) Analysis
  2. Transcriptome Denovo Assembly Analysis
  3. Annotation with Various Databases (NCBI, Uniprot, GO, KEGG, InterProScan)
  1. smallRNA Identification Analysis
  1. Full-length Isoform Analysis
  2. Error Correction Analysis
  3. Gene Model Construction Analysis
  4. Annotation with Various Databases (NCBI, Uniprot, GO, KEGG, InterProScan
  1. ncRNA Analysis
  2. Copy Number Variant Analysis
  3. Fusion Gene Analysis
  4. IPA analysis
  5. Targetscan Analysis (limited to specific species)
  1. Sequencing Summary
  2. Alignment Summary
  3. Summarizing plots
  4. Density plot, Box plot, GSEA, Scatter plot, Volcano plot
  5. Pathway analysis using DAVID