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Transcriptome Sequencing


NGS data를 이용한 전사체 분석은 유전자 간의 발현 차이 뿐만 아니라 Novel transcriptome 및 isoform의 발견, fusion gene등의 정보를 확인 할 수 있습니다. PacBio System을 이용한 Isoform sequencing은 Short reads 분석에서 필요한 assembly 과정 없이 5’말단에서 3’말단을 포함 하는 full-length transcripts sequencing이 되므로 다양한 isoform 분석이 가능합니다.



Sample requirements
  • mRNA-seq(Total RNA 0.5~1µg)
  • Low input total RNA seq(Total RNA 1~10ng)
  • Total RNA seq(Total RNA 0.5~1µg)
Turnaround time
About 4 weeks

PacBio (isoform sequencing)

Sample requirements
  • 3ug total RNA
Turnaround time
About 4 weeks


Total RNA/mRNA


PacBio IsoSeq


Data Report

- DEG (Differential Expressed Gene) Analysis
- Transcriptome Denovo Assembly Analysis
- Annotation with Various Databases (NCBI, Uniprot, GO, KEGG, InterProScan)
- smallRNA Identification Analysis
- Full- length Isoform Analysis
- Error Correction Analysis
- Gene Model Construction Analysis
- Annotation with Various Databases (NCBI, Uniprot, GO, KEGG, InterProScan
- ncRNA Analysis
- Copy Number Variant Analysis
- Fusion Gene Analysis
- IPA analysis
- Targetscan Analysis (limited to specific species)
- Sequencing Summary
- Alignment Summary
- Summarizing plots
- Density plot, Box plot, GSEA, Scatter plot, Volcano plot
- Pathway analysis using DAVID