Reaching Beyond Human Identification


What kinds of analysis can be done by AccuID® ?
Currently, AccuID® Ver. 1.0 is able to perform personal identification, paternity/maternity test, and relationship test. However, we plan to incorporate additional features, such as phenotype, race, and gender, into the upcoming versions of AccuID®.
To what extent are different race populations represented in AccuID® ?
AccuID® contains SNP markers for Asian, African, Caucasian, and Latin American.
What kinds of samples can AccuID® accommodate?
AccuID® can handle almost any type of samples as long as it contains DNA, such as blood, bone, hair, and saliva.
How damaged should a DNA be to be called “degraded”?
There is no set standard for categorizing a DNA as degraded, but samples with DNA inhibitors or a weak peak in bioanalyzer are both good signs of degraded DNA. Old bone samples are the best example of degraded DNA.
How long does it take to run AccuID®?
The hands-on time of running AccuID® is less than an hour while the whole procedure takes about a day and a half due to the overnight array hybridization.
Who are the main customers of AccuID®?
Currently, we work on case by case manner with universities, institutions, and governments.
Is AccuID® service limited only within Korea or Asia?
No, DNA Link, Inc. is a global company headquartered in Korea with American branch in California along with numerous distributors throughout the world, including Singapore, Brazil, and Arab Emirates.
Can I make a database of my country using AccuID®?
Yes, you can make a database of your own country and strengthen the discrimination power of AccuID® at the same time.
Is the analysis software customizable?
Yes, the analysis software is constantly being updated and customized based upon the customers’ needs and internal efforts for improvements.