Reaching Beyond Human Identification

AccuID® Ver. 1.0

Breakthrough Performance

Under 50 pg DNA Required to Run AccuID® Ver. 1.0

AccuID® Ver. 1.0 can be performed with only 50 pg of DNA to deal with the scarcity of sample amount in a real life forensic situation.

DNA Amount 5 ng 1 ng 0.5 ng 0.1 ng 0.05 ng 0.01 ng
Total Marker 169 169 169 169 169 169
Typed Marker 147 134 135 136 124 132
Typing Rate 87% 79% 80% 80% 74% 78%
Optimized for Highly Degraded DNA

AccuID® Ver. 1.0 can be used for highly degraded DNA, such as those in war remains like bones of over 50 years of age and those in mega-disasters like tsunami and terror.

K562 DNase I Treatment Time 0 sec 30 sec 90 sec 15 min
Total Marker 169 169 169 169
Typed Marker 138 139 134 132
Typing Rate 82% 82% 79% 78%
Matching Rate 100% 100% 100% 100%
Unparalleled Discrimination Power

21 SNP markers of AccuID® Ver. 1.0 has a matching probability of 2.21 x 10-17, which is more than that of 15 STR loci.

Multiple Genotyping per Marker

Each SNP fragment is genotyped multiple times in order to minimize machine error and optimize accuracy.

Multi-Purpose System

AccuID® Ver. 1.0 performs personal identification, paternity test, and maternity test in a single run.

Multiplex PCR Primer

Multiplexing PCR primer was carefully designed based on an average amplicon size of 117.7 bp.

Effortless Procedure

Optimized Procedure

Multiplex PCR primer has eliminated pooling and fragmentation procedures with hands-on time of less than an hour.

Full Service Available by DNA Link

In addition to the AccuID® Kit, DNA Link also provides AccuID® Full Service from experiment to analysis with a sample provided by the customer.

AccuID® Software

DNA Link has developed an analysis software that is capable of automatic generation of complete match reports with statistical profiles of complex pedigrees.

Reliable Science

Reliable Markers

169 personal ID and 12 sex SNP markers are strictly selected from four international databases with the following conditions: linkage disequilibrium (LD) R2 < 0.3, call rate > 0.9, minor allele frequency (MAF) 0.4-0.5, and fixation index (Fst) < 0.04. The actual AccuID® Ver. 1.0 has an average MAF of 0.465 for high discrimination power and an average Fst of 0.013 for non-racial discrepancy

Diverse Racial Coverage

AccuID® Ver. 1.0 contains SNP markers that represent a wide range of race populations, including Asian, African, Caucasian, and Latin American.

Evidentially Effective Samples

AccuID® Ver. 1.0 works with almost any kind of samples, especially those found in forensic circumstances.

Source Hair Buccal Swab Cigarette Butt
Total Marker 169 169 169
Typed Marker 149 148 141
Typing Rate 88% 87% 84%
Matching Rate 100% 100% 100%
Accredited by ISO 17025

Every experimental process was performed in the ISO 17025 accredited forensic laboratory in DNA Link.

Powered by Affymetrix®

AccuID® uses Affymetrix® Resequencing Arrays that are renowned for sequencing small genome portions of individuals.