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CancerGPS-(cancer-specific) This product is suitable for the customers of all age group who are worried about cancers.

  • Focused analysis on diseases that has high occurrence rate in Korean population
  • Focused analysis on the side effects of anticancer treatments
  • Cancer-focused product to sort out cancers that are more likely to occur due to genetic predisposition in advance.
  • Service available for genetic information reflecting not only Koreans, but also Chinese and Japanese.

Disease Drug metabolism
Colorectal cancer Anticancer agent side effect(Irinotecan)
Lung cancer Anticancer agent side effect(Mercaptopurine)
Gastric cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Bladder cancer
Esophageal cancer
Liver cancer
Thyroid cancer
Gallbladder cancer
Prostate cancer(M)
Breast cancer(F)