Show us your gene, we will show your future health.


This product is suitable for the group checkups.

  • Focused analysis on the genes that are highly associated with disease with high rate of occurrence in Asian population.
    - disease susceptibility, drugs metabolic efficiency & side effect, personal traits (35 kinds).
  • Constructs DB for personal genetic information.
  • Excludes genetic information on hereditary diseases.
  • DNAGPS® Core supports various language options(Korean, Chinese, English).

Colorectal cancer Prostate cancer(M)
Lung cancer Bladder cancer(M)
Gastric cancer Atopic dermatitis(M)
Liver cancer Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease(M)
Esophageal cancer Ankylosing spondylitis(M)
Pancreatic cancer Ulcerative colitis(M)
Gallbladder cancer Prsoriasis(M)
Stroke Asthma(M)
Cardiovascular disease Breast cancer(F)
Type 2 diabetes Ovarian cancer(F)
Alzheimer's disease Endometrial cancer(F)
Pakinson's disease Thyroid cancer(F)
Hypertension Rheumatoid arthritis(F)
Atrial fibrillation Polycystic ovary syndrome(F)
Intracranial aneurysm Lupus(SLE)(F)
Age-related macular degeneration

Drug metabolism Personal characteristics
Anticancer agent side effect(Irinotecan) Hyperlipidemia
Anticancer agent side effect(Mercaptopurine) Obesity
NSAIDs efficiency(Celecoxib) Hyperhomocysteinemia(F)
Platelet aggregation inhibitors efficiency(Clopidogrel)  
Anticoagulant efficiency(Warfarin)  
Antihypertensive agent efficiency(Carvedilol)  
Serum lipid inhibitor efficiency(Statin)  
Hepatitis C virus agent efficiency(Ribavirin)(M)  
Estrogen receptor blockers efficiency(Nolvadex)(F)