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What is DNAGPS®

DNAGPS®, Personal Genomics(PGx) Solution

Personal genomics(PGx) is a branch of genomics where individual genomes are genotyped and analyzed using bioinformatics tools. The service considers individual genetic differences identified before the onset of disease by analyzing genetic information such as sensitivity to certain diseases, prediction of physical differences, medicinal metabolism and familial genetic diseases.

Personalized genetic information

The age of genetic analysis has arrived. The time has come when you can maximize the effectiveness of healthcare and medical treatment with the help of preventive medicine using personalized care based on individual genetic variation.

Your genes contain your individual traits.

The 23 pairs of chromosomes you inherited from your parents contain roughly 20,000 genes that can be broken down to some 3 billion base sequences, which provide key life-support functions.

Individual genetic analysis is the cornerstone of personalized medicine.

Variations in individual sensitivity to diseases and differentiated effectiveness of medications depend on personal genetic information.

Personal genetic analysis is the process to identify genetic susceptibility that have been proven to raise the risk of disease.

By identifying the personal genetic traits that are shown to raise the risk of a certain disease, we can delay the outbreak of the identified disease with the help of dedicated medical institutions.

Key features of DNAGPS®

Benefits of personal genetic analysis