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PDX (patient-derived xenograft) Services

DNA Link is a bio healthcare company specialized in genomics analysis, precision medicine and bio-big data. DNA Link reaches not only the domestic Korean R&D market but also US molecular diagnostics via CLIA service while opening an opportunity in the personal genomics arena in China.

DNA Link now provides the best available Northeast Asian cancer patient-based PDX & in vivo pharmacology service through its collaborative partnership with The Jackson laboratory (

The 15-year old expertise on medical genomics and clinical bioinformatics enables DNA Link to align genome-based analyses with the PDX in vivo modeling data under an environment well representing the course of cancer.

In particular, synergy between DNA Link and the Jackson Laboratory makes it possible to provide an optimized anti-cancer drug assessment service for novel drug development..

The Jackson Laboratory Immune Deficient Mouse NOD-scid-IL2Rgnull (NSG)

1 What is DNA Link’s PDX Service?

  • Provides Patient-Derived Xenograft service for frequent cancers for Asian population, including Koreans
  • Tests anti-cancer effectiveness through immune-deficient mouse of NSG with tumor which accords with both morphology and genetic traits of patient’s
  • Tests effectiveness of (novel) anti-cancer drugs
  • Selects the appropriate drug candidates and develop & design clinical trials

PDX development process

2 Advantages of DNA Link’s PDX Service

  • Introduction of immune-deficient mouse and technical basis of the Jackson Laboratory (JAX) for precision cancer treatment
  • Establishment of PDX bank for frequent cancers in Korean population through years of experience on genetic analysis of cancers and molecular diagnosis
  • Support from the leading cancer specialists in Korea
  • The Best-in-Kind in Korea, operating with DNA Link’s own standardized SOP

Cancer treatment through genetic analysis and diagnosis has reached the limit while personalized medication and effectiveness testing by mouse in vivo modeling is suggested as the best alternative. PDX is the most recent evaluation model which enables precision medicine in the living body environment. It is a tool to evaluate the drug effectiveness under conditions well representing the patient’s. DNA Link has formed a partnership with the Jackson Laboratory and introduced its NSG mouse and PDX technology to offer the optimal cancer drug selection and clinical trial design. We also aim to offer a solution to tumor cases where other in vivo modeling have not shown successful outcome for tumor translation.

  • DNA Link provides anti-cancer drug testing by patient’s genome based PDX model targeting frequent cancers in Korea through clinical networks with the leading general hospitals nationwide.
  • Testing rare cancer drugs is also possible through DNA Link’s PDX Bank, leading to selection of optimal drug choice and dosing through customized drug candidate testing and development & design of clinical trials.

Drug Effectiveness Test for Anti-Cancer Drugs

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