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CNV Analysis


Comparative genomic hybridization(CGH) is used to study CNV(copy-number variations) in genomes.

Example for workflow & requirement

Affymetrix CytoScanHD array

  • Benefit
  • CytoScanHD array from Affymetrix can be used to analyze the smallest structural changes through 700,000 SNP markers and more than 2.6M markers with copy numbers. It is also useful for discovery of LOH (loss of heterozygosity) associated with UPD (uniparental disomy) and IBD (identical-by-cescent).

  • Workflow
  • Sample requirement
  • DNA Amount: 250ng
    DNA Qualification: 260/280 1.8~2.0, 260/230 ratio of over 1.5, (by gel image) no RNA, no degradation

  • Turnaround timew
  • DNA QC: 2~3 days
    5 days for 48 arrays