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Data delivery policy


DNA Link provides an on-line data transmission system using a Cloud environment for an expeditious transfer of the analysis result. The method of transfer is changeable depending on the customer's need.

On/Off-line Transmission Policy

Data under 500G can be downloaded at high speed using the Cloud Storage environment.
Data can be managed in Cloud Storage account with 2 months free storage period.
After the 2 months free storage, extension is possible at a low price. If not renewed, the stored data will be deleted automatically.
Customer may choose an off-line delivery of data with a preferred method through consultation with a sales representative.
Data over 500G is mailed in a form a external storage with a small expense charged.

On-line data transmission process is as follows

Analysis Completion

Analysis is completed.

Transmission of Data to Cloud Account

Using customer’s e-mail as a temporary account, data is sent to the Cloud Storage account.

E-mail Notice

E-mail notice is sent to the customer.

Account Creation

Customer creates an account in following the e-mail notice.

Data Download

Customer downloads data using a Client-exclusive software or hyperlink attached to the mail.

We recommend using a downloadable Client-exclusive software, called GTP client.

(supports Windown32bit, Window64bit, Linux64bit, Linux32bit)


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