This section provides basic information about Service


Scalable platform

DNA Link is able to perform an effective analysis on small to large samples due to its variety of SNP genotyping platforms.

Study design service

Once you let us know the target SNP of choice, we start from a primer design to the final analysis report.

Quality assurance

Through our strict QC process, we only provide data of high resolution and high quality for the utmost reliability.

Work Flow (Example)

Experiment design

Selection of SNP fit for research purpose, and then a selection of platform based on the number of samples and design possibility.

Sample Preparation

Preparation of sample based on the needed sample amount from selected platform. Whole blood or Buffy coat starts with an extraction step.


SNP scoring: analysis on SNPs with known significance test from existing research. SNP discovery: used for discovering novel SNPs or confirming SNP’s existence and frequency.


Provided in Excel format. For SNP discovery, raw data, annotation, LD results are also provided.


SNaPshotTM assay
ABI 3730xl DNA Analyzer
  • Easy analysis for small sample set
  • Sample requirement : concentration over 10ng/ul, 5ul.
  • Analysis time: 3 weeks
TaqMan® assay
ABI PRISM 7900HT real-time PCR system
  • Easy analysis for large sample set
  • Sample requirement : concentration over 10ng/ul, 3ul.
  • Analysis time: 5-6 weeks
SNPType assay
Fluidigm BioMark™ System
  • Multiplexed genotyping
    192.24 genotyping – 192 samples X 24 SNPs
    48.48 genotyping – 48 samples X 48 SNPs
    96.96 genotyping – 96 samples X 96 SNPs
  • Sample requirement : concentration over 60ng/ul, 10ul
  • Analysis time: 5-6 weeks
*Please check with us beforehand on the analysis time for a possible adjustment.

Statistical Analysis Service


  • HWE(Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium)
    - Chi-square Test
  • Major, Minor allele
  • Allele frequency


  • HWE(Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium)
    Premutation Test
  • Statistical Analysis
    - Association Study
    - Survival Analysis
    - Student's t-Tests10
    - ANOVA
    - Regression Analysis
( Extra fee is charged)