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RNA Analysis


Expression array is used to see the degree of gene expressions on the whole genome simultaneously by measuring the relative amount change of RNA in different condition. It can sort out which genes increase or decrease their expression under any particular condition, chemical, or tissue. Affymetrix arrays can be categorized into 3’ IVT expression analysis, Whole-Transcript(WT) expression analysis, and miRNA analysis. We provide highly reliable results through strict quality control, using Bioanalyzer 2100 and Nanodrop 1000.

Example for workflow & requirement


Array type
Min. Conc. & Amount
Used Amt for Array Analysis
3'IVT Expression
Eukaryotic organism
Human U133+, Primeview, Mouse 430, Rat 230, Arabidopsis, Barley, Bovine, C. elegans, Canine, Chicken, Citrus, Cotton, Drosophila, E. coli, Maize, Medicago, P. aeruginosa, Plasmodium/Anopheles, Poplar, Porcine, Rhesus Macaque, Rice, S.aureus, Soybean, Sugar Cane, Tomato, Vitis vinifera (Grape), Wheat, Xenopus laevis, Xenopus tropicalis, Yeast, Zebrafish 
130ng/ul, 10ul
Prokaryotic organism
650ng/ul, 25ul
Whole-Transcript(WT) expression
Human, Mouse, Rat, Human Exon, Mouse Exon, Rat Exon, Arabidopsis, Bovine, Canine, C. elegans, Chicken, Cyno-Rhes, Cynomolgus, Drosophila, Equine, Feline, Marmoset, Medicago, Ovine, Porcine, Rabbit, Rhesus, Rice (Cn), Rice (Jp), Rice (US), Soy Bean, Tomato, Zebra Finch, Zebrafish
100ng/ul, 10ul
miRNA(FlashTaq) Expression
miRNA 3.0, miRNA 4.0
200ng/ul, 15ul
gene Expression
Arabidopsis (V4), Barley, Bovine (V2), Brassica, Canine (V2), C. elegans (V2), Chicken (V2), Cotton, Drosophila, E. coli, Horse, Magnaporthe (V2), Medicago, Mosquito, Porcine (V2), Rhesus Macaque (V2), Rabbit, Rice, Salmon, Sheep, Tobacco, Tomato, Wheat, Xenopus (V2), Yeast (V2), Zebrafish (V3)
100ng/ul, 10ul
Human, Mouse, Rat
100ng/ul, 10ul
  • Benefit
  • - Included recent data on genes, transcriptome and miRNA make comprehensive study possible.
    - We can offer more flexible experiment design by providing customized contents on various formats.
    - Since Affymetrix arrays are in cartridge type, there is not any restriction in regards to sample numbers.

  • Workflow
  • - biotin labeled cRNA normalization
    - cRNA fragmentation
    - expression array hybridization
    - Washing and staining by Genechip Fluidics Station 450
    - Scanning through Genechip Array scanner 3000 7G
    - Data Analysis

  • Sample requirement
  • RNA purity - 260/280 :1.8~2.1, 260/230 :1.8~2.1
    RNA integrity - rRNA [28s / 18s] Ratio of over 1.5 , RIN value of over 8

  • Turnaround timew
  • Final data delivery within 3 weeks after sample QC pass(subject to change due to the sample number and type of array)

3' IVT Expression Analysis

Build on the knowledge of thousands of publications with 3' IVT solutions–the industry-standard tool for gene expression research.

Gene Regulation Analysis

GeneChip® Tiling Arrays are the most comprehensive array tools available for discovering novel RNA transcripts or mapping sites of protein/DNA interaction in chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments.

miRNA Analysis

Affymetrix' miRNA Arrays offer the most comprehensive coverage of miRNAs on a single array. Combined with Affymetrix® Expression Console™ Software and FlashTag™ Labeling Kits, the complete miRNA solution is a powerful tool for exploring the role of miRNAs.



Human, Mouse, Rat, Other


Human, Mouse, Rat, Other


Human, Mouse, Rat, Other

Whole-Transcript Expression Analysis & Profiling

Get the most complete view of the genome with our line of whole-transcript expression products.