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Whole Genome Resequencing


Whole genome re-sequencing is a method to analyze a specific polymorphism from a species with a known reference genome. The method can discover molecular sarcoma and various genetic polymorphisms (SNPs, insertions, deletions, inversions, complex rearrangements, copy number variation) related to performance and other useful applications.

For whole-genome sequencing, the combination of short inserts and longer reads allow characterization of any genome. For de novo whole-genome sequencing, the unparalleled raw read accuracy of Illumina next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology provides high quality, long contig assemblies.


  • Affordable, competitive cost
  • Industry leading turnaround time
  • Raw read accuracy
  • High quality
  • Reliable, bioinformatics services (Cancer genomics, population analysis, complex disease)


gDNA -> gDNA QC -> DNA Library Preparation -> On-Instrument DNA sequencing -> Bioinformatics

Sample requirements

DNA amount: ≥3 µg
Concentration: ≥ 40ng/ul
Purity : A260/280:1.8-2.0, A260/230: ≥ 1.8 ,Intacted DNA, RNA-free DNA, non-degraded

Turnaround time

About 4 weeks